Fun on the Go

AeYO is the first scooter that uses a skating motion as the basis of its locomotion. An incomparable driving experience and a full body workout combine to form this unique, quality product.

Skate Effortlessly

Why pedal when you can glide?
AeYO keeps you in the flow. All your movement translates seamlessly in a continuous skating motion. Once you start out on the AeYO, you won’t want to stop.
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Skate Effortlessly

Where do I put my second pair of shoes? Forget it: Wearing any flat shoe simply hop on, tighten the strap, and go.
Uplifting and freeing.

Super fast
and very small

Your AeYO is the ideal companion for your lunch break: Its lightweight construction makes it easy to take with you everywhere. With the basket attachment, you can take everything you need with you.
Going on a longer journey? Everything can be secured in the AeYO’s optional, convenient, chic bag.


Experience your City

Whether you’re window shopping or just going for a stroll:
All your movement translates seamlessly in a continuous skating motion. Once you start out on the AeYO, you won’t want to stop.

100% Comfort at 0 km/h

You will never tip over or fall off due to moving too slow—no matter how slow you go, you can stand firm with both feet securely on the ground. For this reason, the AeYO has been approved for use in pedestrian areas.

Lightweight, Flexible, Convenient

With the basket attachment, your AeYO can even double as a shopping cart in the supermarket. Due to its magnetically secured collapsible design, the AeYO turns into a highly manoeuvrable trolley within seconds.

Premium Safety Features

The optional lighting package ensures optimum visibility at dusk or even late at night. The lighting set can be attached with a single clip—just like on a regular bike.

Brakes? Of course!

Thanks to the hand brake for the skate wheels, you can check your speed at any point and remain in control at all times.
Overcome obstacles with ease.

Object of Desire

With such an incredible product, we knew the AeYO had to be easily securable—That is why your AeYO fits in any bike bracket and can be locked with any standard bicycle lock.

AeYO –
Fit by Fun

AeYO skating trains and strengthes more than 10 different muscle groups, especially the back, the arms and the pectoral muscles.
The upright skating motion literally pumps oxygen into your body cells, which is revitalizing and uplifting. Fit by Fun.
Biceps brachii
Triceps brachii
Erector Spinae
Gluteus Maximus
Quadriceps femoris
Biceps femoris
Rectus abdominis
Obliquus abdominis
Flexor digitals
Adductor longus
Tibialis Anterior

The Athlete

Jann-Luca Zinser

"The AeYO immediately conveyed a good feeling and after the first strides I noticed that the skates really "grove". The wheels are high class and smooth and allow for a really good skating experience. I consider the AeYO a serious sports device that is fun to use and allows for a very good workout."

Jann-Luca Zinser is a multiple German Champion in speed Skating on ice and concrete.

The Sports Therapist

Sandra Gutheil

"I think the new AeYO is really quite exciting and unique. AeYO is the perfect training for your entire muscular system. Back, torso, even arms and legs are strengthened and toned. The safety aspect, something being emphasized more and more in sports, adds to the entire package. AeYO is a fun fitness and sports apparatus for the whole family. As a sports therapist, it's essential that sport and movement be integrated into daily life and that's now possible with the new AeYO!"

Sandra Gutheil Sports Therapist in practice in Bogenhausen, Munich
Sandra Gutheil has been treating pro athletes at national and international competitions for many years and devises individual training programs. Among her clients are the Bavarian Tennis Union, the German Paralympics ski team in Salt Lake City and the BMW Open Tennis Tournament in Munich. Boris Becker, Tommy Haas, Roger Federer and many others have been treated by Ms. Gutheil.

The Orthopedist

Dr. med.
Martin Marianowicz

AeYO skating exercises your abdominal muscles from top to bottom as well as your superficial and deep back musculature. Your pelvic, thigh and calf muscles will also be trained. By adjusting the height of the handlebar, you can find a position that will be friendly to your back. AeYO improves body posture by being physiologically natural and training muscles symmetrically; it also improves the function and coordination of your muscles. The low-impact gliding movement also protects the joints. I recommend AeYO for all athletic people of any age who want to train their muscles while on the move. This is especially true for anyone who would rather not be stuck in traffic, either in the car or on public transport, and would rather be conditioning their own "machine" by exercising their heart and muscles. As with cycling, falls are possible, but will be less frequent and significantly less dangerous because of the stability and posture that AeYO provides. From an orthopedist's point of view, there are no risks and AeYO is well suited for daily use.

Dr. med. Martin Marianowicz
Specialist in Orthopedics, Chirotherapy, Sports Medicine and Pain Management
Dr. Martin Marianowicz is a back specialist well-renowned throughout Europe and a leader in orthopedic pain management. Among his specialties are in- and outpatient orthopedic pain management as well as minimally invasive therapies for spine and disk injuries.


Sports Action

Want to save your leisurely drive for another day?
Would you rather be intense instead of comfortable? That works too.
The AeYO can be used to up your fitness level and coordination, strengthening and toning not only the leg and buttock muscles, but also your core and arms. With the right intensity and plenty of endurance, the AeYO makes for an excellent cardio workout.

Sportlich unterwegs

Für langsam hast du später noch Zeit?
Du bist lieber schnell statt gemütlich unterwegs? Auch gut. Der AeYO trainiert deine Fitness und Koordination, stärkt und strafft die Bein- und Gesäßmuskulatur, aber auch Rumpf und Arme. Mit der richtigen Intensität und Ausdauer hast du ein hervorragendes Kardio-Training. Der AeYO wird von führenden Orthopäden und Leistungssportlern empfohlen.

Pure Fun! Pure Workout!

your Way

in Motion


Skate Effortlessly











Skate Effortlessly

Whether you’re window shopping or just going for a stroll: All your movement translates seamlessly in a continuous skating motion.


The AeYo is quite the fitness machine! Moreover, it is incredibly convenient. Due to its quality construction and carefully designed features it is always by your side. Like a good friend.


AeYO skating translates into one contiuous, upright motion. While you keep the overview, your body cells are supplied with oxygen. The upright position helps to avoid muscle cramps and releases tension, freeing your mind.


Starting with the lighting package through to the brakes: Once you start out on the AeYO, you feel safe.

large breast muscle



anterior compartment of the forearm

external oblique muscle


erector spinae

gluteus maximus

Adductor longus muscle


back thigh

gastrocnemius muscle

tibialis anterior


The AeYO exercises your fitness, coordination and strength. It is recommended by leading orthopaedists and athletes for its efficiency in therapy and workout.


The AeYO is quite the fitness machine. Moreover, AeYO skating is incredibly fun. Core to the max.

Made in Germany


Available in six colors
and two sizes.

Magnete Powerful magnets keep the AeYO safely collapsed – even on the go.
Bremshebel Thanks to the hand brake for the skate wheels, you can check your speed at any point and remain in control at all times.
Klickfix Adapter Optional equipment like the basket attaches to the Klickfix adapter easily.
grosse Skaterollen Large skates provide extra security and stability.

Happy AeYOskater are saying:

Great experience

It's very funny that last week I couldn't ride inline skates, not even stand over them, and today I'll put a bike computer on the AeYO to check my maximum speed! I'm getting better and better and surprisingly, not even one fall. So far the experience has been great, it's always in the back of my car waiting for the work day to finish and ride it!
– Fabio, Nürnberg

Simply clever

The AeYO is simply clever! In special the basket, which makes it easy to take things along. This was difficult in the past when skating and carrying my backpack.
– Skybabe242

All new sports concept

An all new sports concept, suitable for all ages.
– Fabio

AeYO – skating made easy

The new move

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